Why is perseverance vital to entrepreneurs

Perseverance is the essence of Trial and Error. Without it, mindset and passion are worthless. It is the one trait that will keep you going when everything around you says you should quit.

It does not guarantee you will succeed quickly, but it does guarantee you will succeed. It will allow you to accept failures and move past obstacles. Steve Jobs said “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneur from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

As an entrepreneur, you must have a high pain threshold. As described by a colleague of Elon Musk “it’s like eating glass, and staring into the abyss.” How bad do you want to succeed? How do you know it’s in you? Perseverance is a feeling inside that will not allow you to give up on your dreams.

The more people that doubt you, the more you will want to prove them wrong. Distance yourself from these individuals. They don’t believe in themselves, so they can’t believe in anyone else.

Find peers and mentors that are constantly stretching to reach higher goals. You won’t feel peace thinking realistically, you will find your peace when you are out of your comfort zone. You will find your peace when you are reaching milestones that others call difficult.

With every milestone you reach, your confidence will continue to get stronger. If you feel you have the heart to persevere in entrepreneurship, go all in. You will succeed as long as you don’t quit. Do not let go, keep going!