The entrepreneur mindset, it’s not for everyone. Is it for you?

What does it mean to have an entrepreneur mindset? It consists of many valuable characteristics combined to form what I like to relate to a well oiled machine. It takes strength and humility to reach this level of thinking. Allow me in preparing you mentally to some of the obstacles you will confront on your way to achieving the entrepreneur mindset.


There will be doubters, and their belief that they have all the answers to your life. If they do not have the qualities you want or are not where you want to be in life financially, I advise you to take any positive information you can from them and move on with your mission. Sadly, they can be the people closest to you. Now, do not get me wrong their intentions most of the time are well intended. The thing is they do not have that small spark of madness or understanding you must have to be in a successful entrepreneur mindset.


You must have an unyielding thirst for knowledge. Constantly sharpening your thinking and being teachable. The biggest barrier to learning something new is realizing you have something to learn. You are learning from different avenues to be the best version of yourself, and to share that version of yourself with the world passionately. That passion will get you through the difficult times and build your credibility among possible investors or future partners. If you put passion before profits, your experience will be better and profits will enter the equation seamlessly.


Now that I have mentioned difficult times, know for a fact that those times will present themselves. The trick is being mentally prepared to meet those difficult times at the door, and say “Hello, I’ve been waiting. You are welcomed in for a short visit, then you must leave quickly.” In other words, it’s normal to feel pain. You have to persevere and not let it disable or discourage you. Pain is inevitable, suffering is not. Your faith and grit need to come to the forefront of your thinking and remind you that the setback is only temporary. You have to have the agility to learn from mistakes quickly, while putting a new plan of action in place. You must continue to work diligently hard and make your time efficient. Like Picasso said “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”


Keep in mind that the entrepreneur mindset must constantly evolve, it can not be fixed in it’s nature. It must be willing to grow from new experiences, new information, and mishaps. Always keeping your goal in mind. Taking all these various traits and developing them as a force within you to consistently move forward in your journey as an entrepreneur. The challenge is big, but the rewards are fulfilling. I leave you with a quote by E. Browning from the book, The Victorious Attitude by O.S.Marden. “Go boldly, go serenely, go augustly. Who shall withstand thee then?”