The biggest misconception in business today.

Please understand this clearly, you can not be a successful entrepreneur if you want to do it alone. If you are in business to fill your ego and be the smartest person in the room, you are hindering your growth.

Do not misinterpret the usage of the phrase self-made, all successful entrepreneurs were humble enough to know they needed a team to be successful. They understood that innovation is a team sport.

Many believe that a single co-founder can be the reason a company fails. There are no check and balances, the tough questions need to be asked. How will customers be acquired? How will we grow once we acquire our customers? What is our exit strategy? A single co-founder might try to solve a problem that does not need a solution. Above all, it’s too much work for one person.

Why would you want to do it alone anyway? It is a fun experience when the synergy is there among a team of individuals who share the same mission. Think of the opportunities to help one another grow within the team, and motivate each other.

Why wouldn’t you want to be part of that opportunity? If you found one answer to my question, do yourself a favor and get out of business now. You are profit driven, not passion driven. You can change your mindset, or accept the inevitable result of failure.

You have the choice now to picture the beauty in working with others as a team. Not only will it make for a successful company, it will also provide the opportunity, as a team, to contribute to society and its exponential growth! I strongly encourage you to make teamwork one of your fundamental keys to success. As Helen Keller once stated “Alone you can do so little, together we can do so much.”

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