• The idea for Sourcely

    It originated with Alex Cruz in July 2017, when Alex, a software developer and aspiring entrepreneur, from Miami, observed an absence of a way for himself to find a part-time job he can do from home, doing what he loves. His initial thought was if only I had a stable project I can do from home for 3-6 month and supplement my income doing what I’m good at. He also realized that business owners and those starting new companies need to have vetted local creative professionals who can execute their idea and maximize the exposure of their products or services.

Alex didn’t find a platform on the web that will fulfill his need, so he decided to bring this platform to life himself.

  • Today business is still struggling to find the right marketer or web designer that can help their business thrive, and they resort to local marketing firms who are not concerned with their success.

Although there are many businesses using marketing firms, the fees are very high, and the results aren’t as wish for, mainly because you’re just another account on their books. And business owners who are novices to marketing skills, have a hard time recognizing the talent of the creative professional recommended to them. While platforms like Thumbtack match you with professional, these professional are not vetted nor does Thumbtack handle the tedious task that can make the creative professional much more creative.

This is how the idea of a “Virtual Marketing Team” began to sprout.