How a $13 domain name and an investor pitch deck helped us raise 100k. (Intro)

Aside from the all too-common “I lack the time”, one of the most overused excuses people seem to rely on when asked about their dreams and inability to pursue them is “I don’t have the money”. Setbacks for which solutions grow abundant. Make time, find the money, and let’s tear down those invisible walls!


An important tool to consider before someone seeks funding is creating a good pitch deck for potential investors. They are out there, and they are ready to invest! It is your responsibility to find them, spark their interest, build the relationship, and present a detailed sketch of your idea.


From our own personal experience raising seed funds, we noticed that there are various approaches to creating an investor pitch deck. As you prepare each slide, you will get a feel for which ones should be prioritized in your presentation. For example, sometimes the problem is so impactful that, within the first few slides, you’ll want to emphasize it along with its solution. Some may also approach the presentation with the sole objective of showing the investor the revenue potential behind the product. Again, this will be a decision you must make as you develop your investor pitch deck.


The core of all investor pitch decks is primarily to answer the standard questions; What is the problem? How will you solve it? How will the company make money? What is the potential market size? What audience is being targeted? How is your product beneficial? How much money will you need?


Mark Cuban stated “Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world.” A general principle that has been established in many lucrative organizations today and their overall management. We spent countless hours conducting our market research and restlessly refining our pitch deck, which slowly lead us to answer those questions concisely and acquire a commitment to funding.


When you look at Apple and their effective methods of advertisement, it’s remarkable how they can effortlessly describe their products and magnify their features through intelligent marketing. For example, in regards to the very first iPod released back in 2001,  if their description would have been solely limited to one piece of information, eg. It has roughly 5 gigs of memory, it probably would not have caught much of the consumers attention. But when mentioning 5 gigs is equivalent to 1,000 songs, people’s curiosity begins to kindle. When they described it as 1,000 songs in every user’s pocket told you it contained 5 gigs of memory, it probably wouldn’t mean much. When Apple describes 5 gigs as the equivalent to 1,000 songs, it begins to gain clarity. When they describe it as 1,000 songs in your pocket, it sounded much more appealing to potential buyers.
In this three-part series, we will go in depth with what content each slide should include. We will teach you how to keep each slide simple yet equally alluring, as well as show you the importance of a visual illustration in each individual slide. It might seem complicated at first, but devoting time to your investor pitch deck will be rewarding in the long run. It will offer you a more polished concept of your vision and redefined notion of what path you must take to bring it to life, all while creating a successful presentation.


How to discover your passion?

Nelson Mandela states “There is no passion to be found playing small-in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” If you are not pursuing your passion, you are not living your life to its full potential. We adamantly believe this to be true, but how to discover your passion?

The thing with passion is that it can be ever transforming. What I mean by that is, if at any moment what you think is a passion becomes chronically dull or miserable, it is no longer your passion. Sometimes you have to look hard for a common attribute that drives what you do, this will allow you to pinpoint how to discover your passion.

When you feel passionate about something, it shouldn’t drag. It should be exciting and timeless. If you are at a point in your life where you feel stagnant, on your free time start exploring different options that drive you.

Become obsessed in finding that thing that drives you to give the best of yourself. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to find and do the thing you love. I guarantee it will lead to a happier you.

Once you find it, decide to be the best at that thing that drives you. Ask yourself how you can share your passion and help others. Live with a purpose, you will be happy you did.


Why is perseverance vital to entrepreneurs

Perseverance is the essence of Trial and Error. Without it, mindset and passion are worthless. It is the one trait that will keep you going when everything around you says you should quit.

It does not guarantee you will succeed quickly, but it does guarantee you will succeed. It will allow you to accept failures and move past obstacles. Steve Jobs said “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneur from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

As an entrepreneur, you must have a high pain threshold. As described by a colleague of Elon Musk “it’s like eating glass, and staring into the abyss.” How bad do you want to succeed? How do you know it’s in you? Perseverance is a feeling inside that will not allow you to give up on your dreams.

The more people that doubt you, the more you will want to prove them wrong. Distance yourself from these individuals. They don’t believe in themselves, so they can’t believe in anyone else.

Find peers and mentors that are constantly stretching to reach higher goals. You won’t feel peace thinking realistically, you will find your peace when you are out of your comfort zone. You will find your peace when you are reaching milestones that others call difficult.

With every milestone you reach, your confidence will continue to get stronger. If you feel you have the heart to persevere in entrepreneurship, go all in. You will succeed as long as you don’t quit. Do not let go, keep going!


The biggest misconception in business today.

Please understand this clearly, you can not be a successful entrepreneur if you want to do it alone. If you are in business to fill your ego and be the smartest person in the room, you are hindering your growth.

Do not misinterpret the usage of the phrase self-made, all successful entrepreneurs were humble enough to know they needed a team to be successful. They understood that innovation is a team sport.

Many believe that a single co-founder can be the reason a company fails. There are no check and balances, the tough questions need to be asked. How will customers be acquired? How will we grow once we acquire our customers? What is our exit strategy? A single co-founder might try to solve a problem that does not need a solution. Above all, it’s too much work for one person.

Why would you want to do it alone anyway? It is a fun experience when the synergy is there among a team of individuals who share the same mission. Think of the opportunities to help one another grow within the team, and motivate each other.

Why wouldn’t you want to be part of that opportunity? If you found one answer to my question, do yourself a favor and get out of business now. You are profit driven, not passion driven. You can change your mindset, or accept the inevitable result of failure.

You have the choice now to picture the beauty in working with others as a team. Not only will it make for a successful company, it will also provide the opportunity, as a team, to contribute to society and its exponential growth! I strongly encourage you to make teamwork one of your fundamental keys to success. As Helen Keller once stated “Alone you can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Think different

How are Startups different from traditional businesses?

The founders of successful Startups today never embarked on their propitious journey with profit in mind. This is because these Startups solve a problem people were not aware they had. A solid Startup should always work extremely hard to build a lasting relationship with their user base. This principle alone will make all the difference. As the initial idea starts to evolve, it is the founder’s responsibility to brainstorm together the best way to produce revenue, but without jeopardizing the relationship with their user base. While funding is important to build a Startup, it takes some intangibles to make it successful. Including passion, drive, and curiosity. Without these, no abundance of money imaginable will help it succeed. This is the difference between a Startup thriving to bring significant change to the world, as opposed to starting a traditional business.


The entrepreneur mindset, it’s not for everyone. Is it for you?

What does it mean to have an entrepreneur mindset? It consists of many valuable characteristics combined to form what I like to relate to a well oiled machine. It takes strength and humility to reach this level of thinking. Allow me in preparing you mentally to some of the obstacles you will confront on your way to achieving the entrepreneur mindset.


There will be doubters, and their belief that they have all the answers to your life. If they do not have the qualities you want or are not where you want to be in life financially, I advise you to take any positive information you can from them and move on with your mission. Sadly, they can be the people closest to you. Now, do not get me wrong their intentions most of the time are well intended. The thing is they do not have that small spark of madness or understanding you must have to be in a successful entrepreneur mindset.


You must have an unyielding thirst for knowledge. Constantly sharpening your thinking and being teachable. The biggest barrier to learning something new is realizing you have something to learn. You are learning from different avenues to be the best version of yourself, and to share that version of yourself with the world passionately. That passion will get you through the difficult times and build your credibility among possible investors or future partners. If you put passion before profits, your experience will be better and profits will enter the equation seamlessly.


Now that I have mentioned difficult times, know for a fact that those times will present themselves. The trick is being mentally prepared to meet those difficult times at the door, and say “Hello, I’ve been waiting. You are welcomed in for a short visit, then you must leave quickly.” In other words, it’s normal to feel pain. You have to persevere and not let it disable or discourage you. Pain is inevitable, suffering is not. Your faith and grit need to come to the forefront of your thinking and remind you that the setback is only temporary. You have to have the agility to learn from mistakes quickly, while putting a new plan of action in place. You must continue to work diligently hard and make your time efficient. Like Picasso said “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”


Keep in mind that the entrepreneur mindset must constantly evolve, it can not be fixed in it’s nature. It must be willing to grow from new experiences, new information, and mishaps. Always keeping your goal in mind. Taking all these various traits and developing them as a force within you to consistently move forward in your journey as an entrepreneur. The challenge is big, but the rewards are fulfilling. I leave you with a quote by E. Browning from the book, The Victorious Attitude by O.S.Marden. “Go boldly, go serenely, go augustly. Who shall withstand thee then?”